Resources For Displaying Spelling Rules

Suffix Kites

kitecloseupSuffixKitesThis download contains a set of spelling aid posters/cards to be displayed on classroom walls and referred to during phonics, spelling and writing sessions. There are two sets of kites - one for adding consonant suffixes and one for adding vowel suffixes (the latter is shown in the picture).

The kites and ribbons should be printed onto card, laminated and cut out. You will need to add ribbons yourself (these are not provided).

The files are in PDF format.

Possible Uses:

  • After a whole class spelling investigation into adding a particular suffix, display the relevant kite, which will record your findings. Add the bow showing a word example. The kite can then be used in subsequent phonics, spelling and writing sessions.
  • Perfect for use at Phase 6 of Letters and Sounds, which focuses on adding suffixes. Also great for covering the suffix elements of the spelling programme in the new National Curriculum.