YR & KS1 Reading Records Linked to the NC

This time saving set of 6 reading records enables you to quickly record skills you observe as/when children are reading to you, with minimual use of words. The structure of each 1 page grid enables up to 6 children's skills to be recorded at the same time. There is a grid for each of the following book bands/phonics levels, each focusing on slightly different reading skills.

  • Lilac (Phase 1-2)
  • Pink/Red (Phases 2-3)
  • Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange (Phases 3-5)
  • Turquoise/Purple (Phase 5+)
  • Gold/White (Phase 6+/beyond the school's phonics programme)

Although primarily for use with Reception and KS1 children, these records are also suitable to use with older children who are still on the school’s phonics programme or who are reading at a white book band and below (although you need to be aware that they won’t cover the KS2 programmes of study for reading).

The records are supplied in pfd format. You just need to print out, add children's names and use a pen to record on them what you observe during reading sessions.