Tricky Word Spelling Mnemonics

Tricky Word Spelling Mnemonics

TrickyWordMnemonicsThis download provides a set of 35 mnemonics to help children learn how to spell each of the tricky words in LaS. Different types of mnemonics are used:

  • Song mnemonics (mp3s provided)
  • Phrases starting with the word to be spelled and formed using words starting with each letter of the target word in order
  • Words hiding in words
  • Analogy with known words
  • Visual mnemonics in which the tricky bit is made to look like something

However, all the mnemonics contain the word to be spelled, in order for children to easily recall the correct one at the point of writing.

‘The guidance on how to teach the tricky words along with the resources, visual aids and songs has been powerful in supporting children of all abilities.‘

Reception teachers, Beaconsfield Primary

'The tricky word mnemonics have been a huge success in my current and previous class! I've found that the children who are normally behind with their learning are spelling those words correctly!‘

Y1 teacher, Beaconsfield Primary