Seasonal Phonics Activities

Screening Check Revision Week Planning and Resources

PSCRevisionWeekPlanningResourcesThis download contains a week of planning focused on revision for the phonics screening check. Each day focuses on an aspect of the check that the children can find difficult eg spotting digraphs in words (not sounding out every letter), re-reading a word if it doesn't make sense (not changing a sound to make a different word), remembering to blend all the sounds (and not miss any out), remembering to say the word after blending the sounds, identifying when there is a digraph or if the letters have been reversed (eg 'or' versus 'r', 'o'), breaking up polysyallbic words with a hand when sounding out. Activity descriptions are included, as are powerpoints with accompanying visual resources and printable resources to use with the children.

Christmas Phonics Activities


This file contains 13 different engaging Christmas activities to use in phonics lessons (1 for every teaching day in December, except the last day of term!). There are versions of each activity for different phases. The list below shows how many activities are provided for each phase:

  • Phase 1 Aspect 7: 2
  • Phase 2: 9
  • Phase 3: 7
  • Phase 4: 5
  • Phase 5a: 7
  • Phase 5b: 7
  • Phase 5c: 6
  • Phase 6: 3
  • Activities for any phase from 2-6: 2
  • Editable Activities: 6

With 48 ready made activities, the cost works out at just 10p each.

The files are in Powerpoint or PDF format. 6 of the 13 activities use Smart Notebook files, but pdf versions are supplied for 4 of these, so schools without the software can use paper versions. 

Possible Uses:

  • To make your phonics lessons 'Christmassy' in December!
  • As activities to use during various parts of your December phonics lessons.