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Schools wishing to adopt Lesley Clarke’s Letters and Sounds programme, will need all those resources marked with a * below. They can be purchased with a discount in the Lesley Clarke’s Letters and Sounds full programme bundle below.

Schools continuing with LaS 2007, just select the resources that you need to support your teaching.


  • Schools wishing to purchase materials offline using a purchase order and invoice system, please contact me.
  • There is no shopping basket available, so items will need to be purchased separately.
  • You are not able to purchase these resources from outside the UK.

Lesley Clarke's Letters and Sounds Full Programme Bundle
This bundle is for schools wishing to purchase the entire programme at a discounted price. If your school already has some of the resources marked with * below and would like to purchase the remaining ones to complete the programme, contact me for a discounted price.
Phases 2 - 5 Planning and Resources Packs*
Everything you need to teach high quality, engaging phonics sessions at these phases - a time saving set of ready made lesson plans, accompanying Smart Notebook or Powerpoint screens and photocopiable resources.
Grapheme Mnemonics*
Three sets of printable picture mnemonics covering all the graphemes from Phases 2, 3 & 5a. Designed to help children remember grapheme phoneme correspondences and formation of the single letters. Writing mats containing the mnemonics are also provided.
Resource packs and teachers’ notes for running both group and 1:1 interventions with children who have not made the expected progress.
Assessment Toolkit*
This contains everything you need to assess and record the children's progress through Lesley Clarke's Letters and Sounds (the 2007 LaS programme, plus the additional NC requirements for word reading ie. 'ed', 'est', 'es' endings, 'contractions').
Decodable LaS Poems
One pack of poems and accompanying guided reading scripts for each phase of LaS (with more on the way!). At least one poem is provided for each week of phonics teaching and all the new learning (graphemes and tricky words) are covered.
Decodable Non Fiction Texts
Sets of Fantastic Facts Factsheets and Riddles for Phase 5 with accompanying guided reading scripts.
Tricky Word Spelling Mnemonics
This download provides a set of mnemonics to help children learn how to spell each of the tricky words in Letters and Sounds.
Best Bet Train Cards
This download contains a set of 22 spelling aid posters/cards showing which graphemes are the best bet when spelling a given sound at the beginning/middle or end of a word.
Word Lists
Invaluable, detailed word lists, which provide you with the words you need when planning your own lessons/activities.
Phonics Photos
These sets of photos provide you with the images you need to bring phonics teaching alive when creating your own resources.
Seasonal Phonics Resources
Christmas activities and planning and resources for Phonics Screening Check revision.