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Here you will find a wealth of teaching resources I have created to make learning phonics fun and save time for busy practitioners. You will find the resources in 2 different sections of the site.

In the shop

If you are looking for ready made sets of planning & resources for Phases 2-6 or the popular Best Bet Train & Suffix Kite display resources, these can be purchased separately in the shop. Decodable poems and non fiction texts are also available in the shop. None of the resources in the shop are available through the treasure chests (described below).

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Via the resource treasure chests

Resources in the treasure chests are organised into Letters and Sounds Phases or more general categories like assessment. You can access these in 2 different ways:

By the aspect of phonics you are looking to teach:

Simply click on the phase and sub link you are interested in and you will find a list of resources, each with a treasure chest icon next to it.

bronze treasure chest smallThe bronze treasure chest icon means the resource is free for everyone.

silver treasure chest smallThe silver treasure chest icon means you simply need to register to access that resource. Just click on one of the 'sign up' buttons - there is one at the top left of every page (as well as others).

gold treasure chest smallThe gold treasure chest icon means you will need to subscribe to access the resource (and over 170 others). Again, just click on one of the 'sign up' buttons.

Each aspect of phonics also contains a green 'resources on other websites' button with links to other online resources which are free to access.

Access Letters and Sounds resources by phases

If you are using a different phonics programme and are not familiar with the Letters and Sounds phases, click on the green button below and this will explain where you can find the resources you are looking for. Each aspect of phonics also contains links to 'resources on other websites' and these are free to access using the green buttons with that wording.

Other Phonics Programmes

By opening one of the treasure chests

If you wish to find all the free bronze resources in one place, just click on the bronze treasure chest icon below. If you have registered for the silver treasure chest, you can sign in and find all the silver resources together by clicking on the silver treasure chest icon below.

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