The following comments have been taken from evaluation sheets of centrally based training over a number of years. Practitioners are from different schools.

'A fantastic, informative course. Lesley has excellent ideas and modelled these well. She was responsive to needs/questions and made the day varied and interesting. I have learnt so much!'
Amy Walker, Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'Excellent teaching methods, which allowed us to get involved. Thank you for a very informative and useful day. I feel inspired!!!'
Lindsay Archer, Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'Thought Lesley was brilliant. The sort of teacher every parent would want for their own child!'
Practitioner, Buckinghamshire

'Fantastic presentation. Obviously very well prepared and incredible subject knowledge. Delivered with great energy and passion.'
Emma Tebutt, Practitioner, Buckinghamshire

‘Very good course – would like more though! Speaker very animated and clear – very easy to listen to!’
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'As a complete phonics novice, this was just brilliant. I now have an idea of what I really should be doing. Thank you.'
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'Lesley is incredibly knowledgeable on this subject and very passionate. Excellent course!'
Siobhan Pearce, LSA, Bucks

'Excellent! Really enjoyed the training as it was engaging and practical. Lots of ideas and support offered from a very experienced trainer. Thank you!'
M Huggett, Teacher, Bucks

'Tutor's enthusiasm was very energising and inspirational.'
Practitioner, Ealing

'Absolutely brilliant course for anyone who teaches phonics. Great inspiration.'
Sarah Schauerhammer, Practitioner, Bucks

'I found this course absolutely brilliant with so many great ideas. You can really tell that you use these in a real classroom setting, rather than just copying them from a book. Thank you so much!'
 Sarah Turnham, Practitioner, Bucks

'This was a great day and I am very pleased to have accompanied the teachers. As heads we need to remain in touch with teaching and to be able to discuss such things with parents, inspectors etc. Lesley was very good and I would recommend.'
John Ronane, Headteacher, Buckinghamshire

‘Very clear and interactive. Very enthusiastically presented’.
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'It is great to come away feeling inspired. Thank you!'
Practitioner, Ealing

'Fantastic day. Very inspiring! Delivery of material excellent. Thanks.'
Janine Walker, FS2 teacher, Bucks

'As an NQT new to reception, I now feel ready to plan and teach exciting, engaging and worthwhile phonics lessons. Thank you for a great day.'
Jennifer Young, FS teacher, Bucks

'Super balance of theoretical with practical. Thank you!'
M Capitani, Teacher, Bucks

'Thank you for a brilliant day. Excellent presenter/materials.'
Una-Lynne Mackay, Practitioner, Bucks

'Great pace, confident, clear and expertly presented.'
Jo Rothery, Practitioner, Bucks

'Completely brilliant - thank you.'
Dawn Paten, Practitioner, Bucks

'Thank you. A brilliant course with lots of new ideas.'
Sandra Durrant, KS1 practitioner, Bucks

'This training was great to give confidenc in teaching a subject I know many KS2 teachers fear.'
KS2 teacher, Bucks 

'I thought Lesley was very informative & knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the course and I feel much more confident in teaching phonics.'
Annabella Dunne-Wall, GTP practitioner, Bucks

'A great inspirational course.'
Clare Timms, Practitioner, Bucks
‘Excellent introduction to synthetic phonics. Good information about resources, games etc.’
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'I thoroughly enjoyed this course. So glad I came.'
Practitioner, Buckinghamshire

'Inspiring. Thank you!'
Sue Collins, Teacher, Bucks

'Superb day! Thank you!'
Practitioner, Bucks

'Thank you for an inspiring day - have a lot to think about.'
Practitioner, Bucks

'Lesley is very positive and enthusiastic.'
Practitioner, Bucks

'Little bit mind blowing, but wonderfully presented :)'
Practitioner, Bucks

‘Thank you for a most informative day. As a supply teacher, I have never been on a phonics course ever before, so I have appreciated learning so much in such a short time. The pace was excellent.’
Supply teacher, Buckinghamshire

'I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a very informative phonics course. I definitely feel a lot more confident in teaching phonics and now have a bank of engaging and fun activities to include within my sessions.'
Practitioner, Bucks 

'An excellent presentation, with the correct balance of interactive demonstration.'
Practitioner, Ealing

'Excellent course. Has clarified a lot about the teaching of phonics.'
Practitioner, Ealing

'The session was really useful and clearly and interestingly executed.'
Practitioner, Ealing

'A fantastic and thorough look at phonics. Thank you'.
TA, Ealing 

'Trainer was very good - made it interesting and exciting.'
TA, Ealing 

'As an NQT this course has been invaluable to my teaching. Some brilliant ideas that I will definitely use in my classroom.'
Rachel Evans, Teacher, Bucks

‘Good pace. Useful information. Well resourced. Interesting.’
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'This is the first phonics training I have been on and it was fantastic.'
Practitioner, Buckinghamshire

'An excellent course. I have learned a lot. Thank you. Lesley is an incredibly knowledgable teacher about phonics, her expertise has been very useful.'
Clare Mullan, Practitioner, Bucks

‘Very informative. Enthusiastic approach. Motivational.’
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'Really super training - thank you.'
Abby Forster, Eton End School

'Great training. Lovely being taught by someone passionate about their field.'
Charlotte Hammond, Eton End School

'Excellent course, very accessible and clearly explained. Delighted to have Y1 phase broken down - thank you!
Sue Heron, Teacher, Bucks

‘Excellent course, excellent tutor. Pitched at right level, good pace.’
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

‘Excellent tutor – covered a lot of material and offered a lot of practical ideas.’
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

‘Very interesting, enough doing as well as listening, excellent tutor.’

Teacher, Buckinghamshire

‘Very enthusiastic delivery – nice to see.’

Teacher, Buckinghamshire

'A very useful helpful course. Looking forward to the next one. Very well explained.'
Practitioner, Ealing

'Great subject knowledge, resources and ideas. Very valuable, thank you.'
Ty Newton, Teacher, Bucks

'Thank you. A really useful course - everyone needs to have it!'
Jas Bansel, Teacher, Bucks

'Good delivery and Lesley really knew her stuff!'
Sarah Turner, Teacher, Bucks

'Very impressed with support given. Feel much more comfortable about phonics.'
Caroline Gowler, Teacher, Bucks

'Lesley had very good subject knowledge shared in very easy to understand and helpful manner.'
Hannah Allum, Teacher, Bucks

'Lots of new games and fun interactive methods. Brilliant!!'
Leanne Viccars, Teacher, Bucks

'This has made me more confident with my subject knowledge so I will be able to teach it more effectively.'
Practitioner, Ealing

'Very clear presentation - I finally feel like I'm getting to geips with phonics!'
Practitioner, Ealing

‘This was an excellent course, at a fast pace, but very useful for Reception/KS1 teachers. Lesley was a most enthusiastic presenter’.
Teacher, Buckinghamshire

‘I have referred to handouts given out at phonics training given to new staff. I have found these very useful.’

Y2 teacher, Ealing

‘The training courses have been excellent and handouts very useful so my knowledge of phonics has improved.’
TA, Ealing

‘Super course - pace was brisk and very informative.’
Teacher, Ealing

'Very informative and helpful. Lots of hints and tips'.
Practitioner, Ealing

'It was great - very clear, focussed and relevant. Thank you.'
Karen Thomas, Teacher, Bucks

'Thank you very much - brilliant course!'
Tracey White, Practitioner, Bucks

'Excellent course, very useful and helpful. Gave me lots of ideas for supporting students in their writing and reading.'
TA, Ealing

'I have found the mentor extremely good and useful, learnt a lot'.
Practitioner, Ealing

'Excellent delivery style (pace and activity perfect for the group). Thankyou.'
Practitioner, Ealing

‘Everyone needs to do this course!’
Practitioner, Ealing

'Lesley was a very clear & engaging tutor'.
TA, Ealing

'Lesley has a wealth of knowledge. Excellent delivery! Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to other staff.'
TA, Ealing

'Thanks again for a very useful and productive day!'
TA, Ealing

'Thank you Lesley, you have been very inspiring.'
TA, Ealing

'Thank you very much Lesley for such a wonderful and useful phonics session.'
TA, Ealing

'Brilliant course - learnt and can apply a lot to my own teaching. Thanks:)'
Practitioner, Ealing

‘A very explicit course which increased my uderstanding of phonics and confidence in teaching phonics. A very dynamic trainer who made the session extremely interesting and enjoyable.’
TA, Ealing