A set of flashcards, each showing a word containing one of the rarer GPCs which may appear in the Phonics Screening Check

Further Details:

The Framework document for the Phonics Screening Check lists a few GPCs which are quite rare ie. 'ch' representing /sh/, 'ou' representing /oa/ and /oo/. 'Ch' representing /c/ is containined in more words than the previous three, but I have included it in the flashcards, as it is still not in a great many words (so long as they can read 'ache' on the flashcards, they should be able to deal with compound words containing this eg 'earache', 'toothache' etc). It doesn't seem worth teaching these rarer GPCs in isolation on flashcards (as we would with other GPCs), as the children will only encounter them in a few words. It seems more sensible to just learn to read the few words which contain these GPCs. The flashcards in this resource show the focus grapheme in red.

Possible Uses:

  • Use in the 'teach' part of the lesson to introduce the rarer sound represented by the GPC. Blend and read the word using the correct sound.
  • Use in the 'revisit and review' part of the lesson, to give children practice in blending these words, so they eventually learn to recognise them on sight.