A chart analysing all the graphemes (other than single letters of the alphabet) used in previous phonics screening check materials and identifying those likely to occur in future tests.

Further Details:

This chart  - each 'x' denotes one use of the grapheme. The DfE originally said that all these graphemes would be covered over a 5 year period (and 2016 was the 5th year). The guidance was later revised to say that all the graphemes would be used 'over time'. The chart I have created identifies graphemes that haven't yet been used (in green in the 2019 column) and those that haven't be used for several years (in orange). It is likely that at least some of these will appear on the check this year, although there are of course no guarantees! Cells marked 'A' show that a grapheme has been used only in an alien word and could have been read with either one of its 2 possible phonemes. Where a particular sound for a grapheme can only be checked in a real word (eg /oo/ in cook), this is indicated by the word 'real' over the highlighted cell.

Possible Uses:

• As a way of identifying graphemes you may wish to practise in the run up to the check.