Phase 1 Aspect 7: Oral Blending and Segmenting

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Metal Mike

metal mikePicture of robot and picture cards to play Metal Mike on P38 of Letters and Sounds. Although written under Aspect 6, this is an oral blending activity. Free resource.

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Blending and Segmenting Activities

This PDF contains 5 oral blending and segmenting activities. I would make the following amendments:

Activity 2: Baseball - just break up phoneme by phoneme (not by syllable or onset/rhyme)

Activity 3: I Spy - if you were orally segmenting ball, it would be /b/ /or/ /l/

Activity 4: I would avoid using words containing adjacent consonsants for the majority of children at this stage (eg glass, nest), unless they are very confident at orally segmenting words with 2 or 3 sounds and no adjacent consonants.

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Lizard, Where's My Fly?

Give each child a lizard and a fly (downloadable below). Call out a word (eg bat) and get the children to orally segment it and then move the fly along the lizard from left to right, saying the sounds again ( b-a-t - 1 sound on each body part). You could extend by calling out one of the three sounds eg /t/ and the children have to put their fly on the correct part of the lizard (ie. the end part in this example.

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Segmenting Bead Slide

Click below to download the instructions. NB: When working with nursery/early reception children I would just use 3 beads on the string (for most children at this point, it is too challenging to segment 4 or 5 sounds in a word). You could use 4 or 5 beads once the children are working at the end of Phase 3 or beyond.

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