Phase 1 Aspect 4: Rhythm and Rhyme

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Playing with words picture cards

playing with words

Free picture cards for playing this game on P26 of Letters and Sounds.

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Rhyming picture cards

rhyming picture cards1

Up to 6 pictures from each of 9 rhyming sets.

Free cards.

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rhyming picture cards

Download alternative set of cards from other website

The Big Pig Song

big pig songThis You Tube clip focuses on words that rhyme with pig. The children don't need to read the words, just listen to the rhyming and join in with the song.

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Rhyme Time

rhyme timeThis You Tube clip shows pairs of words which rhyme. Encourage the children to join in saying the words (you may need to pause the clip to give him/her the time to do this, as it goes quite fast).

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Simple Rhyming Words

simple rhyming wordsThis You Tube clip shows pairs of words and then indicates whether or not they rhyme. Turn off the annoying background music, as it serves no purpose. When a pair of pictures is shown, pause the clip and get the children to say the items shown in the pictures (don't focus on the written words). Then get them to use thumbs up/down to show you whether or not they think the words rhyme. Then play the clip to see if they were right.

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Words Shine When They Rhyme

words shine when they rhymeThis YouTube video is a song containing several sets of rhyming words.

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