Phase 5a GPCs

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This page contains links to recommended resources on other websites.

Foam Phonemes

foam phonemesFrom A set of single letter graphemes and digraphs which, when pressed, are fired from a cannon (just ignore the graphemes that haven't been introduced at this stage). Spin the wheel on the right (using the blue triangular arrow) to view additional graphemes. Suitable for the 'revisit and review' part of discrete phonics lessons when used for recall of graphemes. Similar function to magnetic letters, but makes a nice change.


Magnetic Letters

magnetic lettersA whiteboard with letters of the alphabet along the bottom. Click on a letter for it to appear on the whiteboard. Useful for recall of individual graphemes (choose 2 to make a digraph). Suitable for the 'revisit and review' part of discrete phonics lessons when used for this purpose. Less fiddly than using magnetic letters on a large magnetic board (if you are lucky enough to have one!).


When Two Vowels Go Walking

when two vowels go walkingGreat video for teaching children that when we have a digraph containing 2 vowels, the sound they make together is often the name of the first one. This works for the digraphs 'ea', 'ie', 'ue' and 'oe', that the children learn at this stage. NB: We don't generally teach 'y' as a vowel in this country, so the 'ay' image will need some explaining (or ignoring!)

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Writing Trays

Below are links to a variety of creative trays you can make and use in the classroom for children to practise writing graphemes. Select one that links to the children's interests or the current time of year, as this should motivate them to write. Either leave on the writing table or set up as an adult initiated activity. Also useful for writing activities with small intervention groups (the children would need a tray each).

Dinosaur Swamp






Star Wars

Magical Fairy Dust

Moon Dust

Harry Potter

How to make lavender and glitter salt for a writing tray