Phase 2 Captions

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Writing Runway

writing runwayFrom Randomly type in all the words you need for a sentence substitution activity (even though the screen asks for a sentence). When you press the blue button it provides you with each word on a separate card. You can click and then pull these onto the runway to read as a sentence. Press the 'again' button to return the words to their starting places and make a different sentence. Useful for the 'apply' part of the lesson as a tool for the sentence substitution activity, but using your own sentences.


Caption Cards

phase 2 caption cardsPicture cards and corresponding captions. Print and cut out into individual cards and add sound buttons underneath the words where necessary. Suitable for the apply part of the lesson. Various games can be played with these:

  • Turn the cards face down and play the pairs game, where one child turns over a picture and a caption. Get the class to read the caption and see if the picture is the right one. If so, the pair is removed. If not, they are turned face down in their places and another child turns over a pair of cards.
  • Pin up the picture cards around the room/outdoor area. Choose 1 captionand get the class to read it and run to the correct picture.
  • Display 3 pictures. Get the class to blend and read one of the captions and decide which is the correct picture.

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