Other Recommended Resources

There are lots of phonics resources available for practitioners now. Some of these are on line and some can be purchased via catalogues. However, they are not all produced by synthetic phonics specialists and can be technically incorrect or have very little educational value. I am always being asked to recommend resources, so have set up this part of the website for that purpose and am constantly adding to it. The aim is to save practitioners spending time wading through unsuitable resources in order to find the good ones.  

I have provided links to other websites and online catalogues for specific individual resources that I think are well worth using. Just because I have recommended one particular resource on another site, does not mean I recommend any others on the same site. Therefore, please just look at the resource that each link relates to. 

I have chosen to organise the recommended resources below in Letters and Sounds phases, but many resources are equally useful for practitioners using other synthetic phonics schemes. You can also access these resources via the green 'recommended resources' buttons in each Letters and Sounds phase.