An amended version of the PNS 'Vowel Rap'. Useful for teaching the children about using 'ss', 'ff', 'zz', 'ck', 'll' after short vowels.

Further Details:

Print out (you might wish to enlarge to A3) and laminate and display in all phonics teaching areas.

Possible Uses:

• As a teaching resource. Teach the children the Short Vowel Rap. Then explain that when we sound out a short word to write it we need to be careful if we hear /s/, /f/, /l/, /k/ or /z/ at the end of the word. If we hear one of these sounds  at the end of a short word, we need to listen to the sound just in front. If that is a short vowel (point to the letters on the hand) we use ll, ss, ff, zz, ck (point to the graphemes down the right hand side of the poster). If the sound just in front is not a short vowel (not on the hand), you usually just use the single letter (including k for /k/). Model using the poster to help you check which final grapheme to use when writing words. Worth introducing at Phase 3 after teaching sh, ch, th, ng and before introducing the vowel digraphs. When teaching 'dge' and 'tch' at Phase 5, add these graphemes to the list on the right hand side of the poster, as they are also used at the ends of words after short vowels.
• As a poster to display on the wall in the carpeted area following the teaching above. You can refer to it when doing shared writing in any area of the curriculum and you need to model to the children how to decide which final grapheme to use for /l/, /s/, /f/, /k/, /z/.


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