An old 'Playing With Sounds' writing activity, which is suitable for the 'practise' part of the lesson.

Further Details:

The children write the numbers 1-3 down the left hand side of their whiteboards. You give them a clue for a word and they write what they think it is next to number 1 Eg If the word was 'blue', the clue might be 'It's the colour of the sky and the sea'. The children show their boards. Go through the clue and the answer. Then write one of the children's spellings on the easel (without saying whose it is). Get everyone to blend and read it and amend if necessary. they can tick their word if it is spelled correctly. Repeat the process with 2 more words. At the end see if anyone has 3 ticks (watch out for surreptitious cheating!).

Possible uses:

• As a writing activity during the 'practise' part of the lesson to practise writing words containing today's grapheme and any other graphemes the children need to practise.

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