Sample weekly plan for Phase 5c Week 13, showing activities, GPCs, words and captions to use.

Further Details:

A 4 part lesson is provided for each day. Next to each part of the lesson is a code D, S or G. These indicate the following:

(D) Demonstration game: predominantly visual and auditory. The children sit and watch the teacher/puppet/another child/IWB doing something.

(S) Show me game: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. The children have to respond by showing something eg a fan/whiteboard/correct number of fingers/thumbs up or down.

(G) Get up and go game: predominantly auditory and kinaesthetic. Some/all of the children have to move to complete the activity.

Possible Uses:

• As a ready made weekly plan for Phase 5c Week 13.
• As a basis for a weekly plan, which can be adapted to suit individual school circumstances.




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