A list of all the phonics teaching activities, which were provided by the PNS - mostly from Letters and Sounds, but also a few valid ones from the older programmes Playing with Sounds and Progression in Phonics.

Further Details:

NB: Activities from Playing with Sounds and Progression in Phonics which are no longer of use in the teaching of synthetic phonics have not been included.

Activities are listed in phases and grouped under the skills they teach/practise/apply. Next to each activity is the name of the document and page number where the instructions can be found. Activities can be used at any phase in which that skill is taught (not just under the phase where the instructions are found in the Letters and Sounds programme).

Activities are classified as ‘demonstration’ (predominantly visual and auditory); ‘show me’ (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic); ‘get up and go’ (predominantly auditory and kinaesthetic). This makes it easier to meet the needs of different learning styles when lesson planning.

Possible Uses:

• As a reference document when planning teaching sessions. (Letters and Sounds does not contain an index of activities).


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