Word lists for Phase 2, using the same format as the Letters and Sounds book, but with much more extensive content.

Further Details:

A comprehensive list of words which can be read and spelled after each GPC has been introduced at Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds.   High Frequency words have been clearly identified and separated into those which are in the 100 most common words occurring in children’s picture books and those in the next 200.

Words in the 'read only' sections are to be used at the practitioner's discretion, but in any event only for reading activities. This is because they contain spelling patterns that the children haven't yet learned the rules for or they are not spelled exactly as they are pronounced (although this will obviously vary from place to place in the UK). However, when blending, this is often not a problem, as children can usually make the jump from the sounds they have blended to the word that maybe very slightly different in pronunciation. There may be some words on these 'read only' lists that if pronounced very carefully (rather than how we would say them in ordinary conversation) could be used for spelling, but this would be at the practitioners' discretion.

Possible Uses:

• As a reference document for practitioners planning teaching sessions or preparing resources for Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds.




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