Phase 5b Sentences

PCMs to make 5 different cube games (1 for each week of Phase 5b using my Phase 5 MT plan).  The children roll cubes to make silly/sensible instructions/commands.

PCMs to make 13 different cube games. The children roll dice to make silly/sensible noun phrases.

PCMs for making a set of treasure hunt cards. There are 5 sets - 1 for each week on the Phase 5b medium term plan on this website.

Gold Treasure Chest

A printable game board and accompanying sentence cards. Children have to read sentences and follow the instructions on them.

Gold Treasure Chest

Lists of Yes/No questions for each new grapheme at Phase 5b.

Gold Treasure Chest

A question and multiple choice answers for each new grapheme in Phase 5b, so you can play this Letters and Sounds game.

Gold Treasure Chest

PCMs to make Georgie's Gym cards for use in the 'apply' part of phonics lessons or as an adult initiated activity.

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