PCMs for making treasure hunt cards.

Further Details:

Each card has a written clue to indicate where the children should look next eg in the red pot. Photocopy, laminate (if you wish) and cut into individual cards. Select the cards with instructions which are relevant in your setting and which include the GPCs you have already taught. Set up a treasure hunt by placing the clues in a trail, with one clue leading onto the next and finally to some 'treasure'.

Possible Uses:

• As a treasure hunt to use as a whole class activity during the 'apply' part of the phonics lesson over several days. Each day, pick a clue that contains the GPC you have introduced, so the children are applying the knowledge/skills they have learnt in the 'teach' and 'practice' parts of the lesson. Put sound buttons under any word(s) containing that day's GPC. Show the first clue and get the whole class to read, blending the word(s) with sound buttons. Choose a child to go and look for the next clue and bring it back to the carpet. You may choose to do 1 or 2 clues each day, until the 'treasure' is found. 
• As an indoor/outdoor treasure hunt for the children to play independently (or with adult support where necessary).




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