Does the programme have workbooks?

Workbooks do not sit well with some schools' approaches to education in the early years. Instead of workbooks, this website provides additional/optional practical and engaging adult initiated activities. These provide children with additional opportunities to practise and apply their phonics skills outside phonics lessons. You can purchase these separately to the programme itself by subscribing to the gold treasure chest on this website.

Is the programme for whole class teaching or ability groups?

The programme is designed to be used with whole classes of children to ensure that everyone makes the maximum amount of progress. However, there may be exceptional circumstances in which it could be used for a specific group of children when whole class teaching has been found to be inappropriate in meeting their needs.

Do we have to teach reading in a set way?

The more often children read, the better they will get. It is up to schools how they facilitate frequent opportunities for children to practise reading within their timetables. Opportunities should be given for children to engage in regular shared reading sessions as a class, regular guided sessions (at least twice a week) with other children reading at the same level, daily reading at home, additional 1:1/guided reading sessions for the lowest 20%. Additional training is available on how to make 1:1 and guided reading sessions as effective as possible.

We bought your Phase 5 planning and resources years ago. Can we still use this as part of the programme?

These plans and resources were updated in the second half of the Autumn Term 2021 and I recommend all schools use the updated versions. All those who purchased previous versions of the planning and resources (from 2010 onwards) are entitled to a free copy of the updated resources bought previously if proof of purchase can be provided. Please contact me to take up this offer. This offer also applies to the Best Bet train cards, which have also been updated.

We already have your most up to date planning and resources for Phases 2-5, so can we now say we are using a DfE validated SSP programme?

No! To say you are using a DfE validated SSP programme, you need to be using the entire programme in order for it be taught in the most effective way. This includes assessments, interventions, mnemonics and ensuring all staff have been fully trained. If you choose to use just the plans and resources, but tackle all other things in your own way, you are in effect using your own programme. Of course, you don't have to have a validated SSP programme at all if all your children are doing well with your current phonics teaching and you have matching decodable readers.

How much does the programme cost?

There is a one off cost for all the teaching materials needed to implement the programme and this is £272.39. NB. This does not include decodable texts, which need to be purchased separately (see below). Once purchased, the resources are yours to use thereafter (only within the purchasing school). If any updates are made to the materials (which does happen periodically), you will be entitled to a free updated copy.

If you already have some of the programme materials, but wish to purchase the remainder, contact me for a discount on those remaining items.

If you wish to access additional/optional practical and engaging adult initiated activities, which provide children with additional opportunities to practise and apply their phonics skills outside phonics lessons, you can purchase these separately to the programme itself by subscribing to the gold treasure chest on this website.

It is up to you how many of the list of matching decodable texts you choose to purchase, as this will depend on what you already have and what gaps you have in provision. If you currently have no poems, you may wish to purchase these in addition to the teaching materials. The cheapest way to do this is to purchase them at the same time as the programme. This would make the initial cost of teaching materials plus the full set of 66 core poems £368.15

Training is paid for separately (as needs will vary from school to school). Contact me for full details of training costs.

Does the programme have planning and resources for Phase 6/Y2?

The DfE valiated programme covers reception and Y1 only. This is Phases 2-5. I have had Phase 6+ planning and resources available for schools to purchase for some years now. This includes the content of Phase 6 of LaS 2007, plus the remaining spelling objectives in the NC not covered by LaS Phases 2-5. You can find out more and download some free samples here.

Does the programme have planning and resources for Phase 1?

Not specifically and separately. However, there are lots of resources for teaching Phase 1 aspects 4, 5 & 7 in the Phonics 10 intervention. These aspects are broken down into smaller steps with short practical group activities which could easily be used by nursery staff.

Do the children have to sit at tables during phonics lessons?

That is entirely your choice. You know what works best to meet the needs of the children you teach.

Does the programme teach nk as 2 separate sounds /n/ /k/ or as a chunk of sound 'nk'?

/n/ /k/ as 2 separate sounds

Do the lessons require an IWB?

The main lessons do, as most classrooms have one. However, both the group intervention (Phonics 10) and the 1:1 interventions are designed to be run without one - alternative resources are provided.

Are pictures provided to support word meanings during phonics lessons?

Yes - in the main planning and resources, they are included in the IWB files.