Helping Your Child to Write Tricky Words in Y1: Spring & Summer Terms

Your child's school should let you know which tricky words your child is learning to read and write. However, if you haven't received this information, this section of the website should give you a useful guide (although words do vary according to the phonics programme used by each school). Your child may also be working at a faster/slower pace than that indicated so pick the section that is appropriate for his/her needs by moving forwards or backwards a term at a time:

Lesley's Activities:

Letters and Sounds Phase 5c: Tricky Word Jigsaws

11th January 2021
In this activity children have to rearrange the graphemes on the jigsaw to spell Phase 5c tricky words.

Letters and Sounds Phase 5c: Seeing Double: Spelling Tricky Words

11th January 2021
In this activity children use 2 felt tips taped together to practise spelling tricky words.

Activities on Other Websites:


oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked

'Their' Song

their song

A YouTube video the children can sing and move to. Useful for the 'teach' part of the lesson on the day you introduce the spelling of this tricky word. Thereafter useful in the 'revisit and review' part of the lesson.

Play the video

'Writing activities for any of the above words:

Magnetic Letters

magnetic letters

A whiteboard with letters of the alphabet along the bottom. Call out a tricky word your child needs to practise writing. Then he/she clicks on the letters to make the word appear on the whiteboard. 



Foam Phonemes

foam phonemesFrom A set of single letter graphemes and digraphs which, when pressed, are fired from a cannon (just ignore the graphemes that haven't been introduced at this stage). They can then be dragged onto the water to make tricky words (this will mostly involve using the letters on the left hand side, as if they were magnetic letters). 


Writing Trays

Below are links to a variety of creative trays you can make and use with your child to help him/her learn to write tricky words. Select one that links to your child's interests or the current time of year, as this should motivate him/her to write. Call out a tricky word your child needs to practise and ask him/her to write it in the tray.

Dinosaur Swamp






Star Wars

Magical Fairy Dust

Moon Dust

Harry Potter

How to make lavender and glitter salt for a writing tray

Use the writing activities at the bottom of this page.