Helping Your Child to Learn Graphemes Which Represent More Than 1 Phoneme in Year 1: Autumn Term: 2nd Half

Lesley's Activities:

Letters and Sounds Phase 5b Week 10: Phase 5b Roll the Marble

7th January 2021
CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT WHILST DOING THIS ACTIVITY. This activity helps children to identify the different sounds that the graphemes 'c', 'ea' and 'g' make.

Activities on Other Websites:

Magnetic Letters

magnetic letters

A whiteboard with letters of the alphabet along the bottom. Call out a sound and get your child to click the letters to make the corresponding grapheme appear on the whiteboard. If your child knows more than one grapheme for a sound,you might ask him/her to make them all eg ai, a, ay. If your child is finding it hard to remember the new grapheme, you could help by clicking one of the letters and asking him/her to put in the one that goes in front/after.


Writing Trays

Below are links to a variety of creative trays you can make and use with your child to help him/her learn to write letters/graphemes. Select one that links to your child's interests or the current time of year, as this should motivate him/her to write. Call out a sound (phoneme) and get your child to write it in the tray.

Dinosaur Swamp






Star Wars

Magical Fairy Dust

Moon Dust

Harry Potter

How to make lavender and glitter salt for a writing tray