Activities to Use with Your Child

Select your child's year group and current term from the list below. This will give an indication only of phonic knowledge and skills which your child may be working on at school. If the activities seem too easy, move forward a term/half term and if they seem too difficult, move back a term/half term. It is important to find the level that is right for your child. Next select an appropriate aspect of phonics from the list shown for that stage in the year. This will take you to a page of online activities that will help develop your child's knowledge/skills in that aspect of phonics.

Each page of activities has Lesley's videos at the top, with links to activities on other websites shown below.

Most synthetic phonics programmes broadly follow the order outlined below, although there are differences in the order that some graphemes are taught.

NB: For further information about the meanings of words used in this section of the website, please see the page on 'Understanding Phonics'.