Helping Your Child to Orally Blend & Segment the Sounds in Words

NB: You need to be able to confidently segment words orally yourself before you try any of these activities with your child. The 'understanding' phonics section of the parents page should help you with this.

Metal Mike

metal mike

Listen to the sounds Mike is saying and blend them together. Then select the correct picture. Start with Phase 2 words, as these are easier, then move onto Phase 3 and finally Phase 4.

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Lizard, Where's My Fly?

Give your child a lizard and a fly (downloadable below). Call out a word (eg bat) and get your child to orally segment it (/b/ /a/ /t/) - you may need to help with this initially by breaking the sounds down yourself and getting your child to echo you. Then get your child to move the fly along the lizard from left to right, saying the sounds again ( b-a-t - 1 sound on each body part). You could extend the activity by calling out one of the three sounds eg /t/ and your child has to put his/her fly on the correct part of the lizard (ie. the end part in this example.

Download fly cards from other website

Download lizard cards from other website

Segmenting Bead Slide

Click below to download the instructions. NB: When working with nursery/early reception children I would just use 3 beads on the string (for most children at this point, it is too challenging to segment 4 or 5 sounds in a word). 

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