Helping Your Child to Hear the First Sound of a Word

Initial Sound Picture Cards

initial sound picture cards a z

Free picture cards. Pictures of 4 objects which start with each of the sounds a - z.

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initial sound picture cards

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How to use them:

  • Choose 2 sounds and print out the 4 pictures for each of those initial sounds. Ask your child to sort them into 2 piles, putting the ones that start with the same sound together.
  • Select pairs of pictures that start with the same sound (about 3-4 pairs). Play the pairs game with all the cards spread face down on the table. Ask your child to turn over 2 cards. For each card ask him/her to say the name of the word and identify the first sound. Do the pictures start with the same sound? If so, your child keeps the cards, if not they are turned back over in their places. Repeat the process until all the pairs are found.
  • Choose 3 or 4 picture cards (each starting with a different sound). Pin them up around the room/out in the garden. Say the sound one of the pictures starts with and your child has to run to the right picture.
  • Select 4 pictures (each starting with a different sound) for your child and 4 for yourself. Put the cards face up in front of each player. Call out a sound and if either of you have a picture starting with that sound, put a counter/object on that card. The first player to cover all their cards calls 'bingo'.
  • Invent your own game!

Odd One Out Cards

Picture cards - 4 to a page (3 starting with the same sound and 1 odd one out). Get your child to say each word and identify the first sound. He/she can then point to the odd one out.

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Beginning Sound Blackout

beginning sound black out8 free game boards. All players have a board. Call out a sound, rather than show a letter card at this stage. Players put a pebble/other object over any picture starting with that sound. See who is the first to cover all their pictures (a bit like bingo).

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