Helping Your Child to Read and Write Words Containing Different Graphemes Representing a Phoneme (Sound)

'kn' Dudley's Ditties


A YouTube video your child can sing along to to learn the sound for the grapheme 'kn'.

Play the video

Compound Words (Reading)

Pull the coloured half of the word up from the bottom of the screen to complete the words in the oblongs. Click on 'check' to make sure they are correct. This is 2/3 of the way down the page of games listed - please ignore other games on the page.


Magnetic Letters (Writing)

magnetic letters

A whiteboard with letters of the alphabet along the bottom. Call out a word, get your child to break down (orally segment) the sounds on his/her fingers. Then he/she clicks on the corresponding letters to make the word appear on the whiteboard. Get him/her to sound out and read the word written to check it is correct and amend if necessary. He/she may want to try writing the word in 2 plausible ways eg rain, rane - encourage this, as it is a strategy adults use. Which one looks right?