Helping Your Child to Learn Letters (Graphemes) and Their Sounds in Reception: Autumn Term

In the Autumn Term children learn the sounds of the single letters of the alphabet (not in alphabetical order, but in order of the frequency they occur in words. In some of the activities below, the order is given in terms of Set 1, Set 2 etc. They may also learn double letter digraphs (eg ll, ss, ck) and consonant digraphs (eg sh, ch, th, ng).

Activities on Other Websites:

Jolly Phonics Songs

jolly phonics songs

Encourage your child to join in with the singing, whilst doing the appropriate action. A good number of schools use the Jolly Phonics mnemonic actions (memory aids) to help children remember the sound each letter represents.

Play the video

Phoneme Pop

phoneme pop

Select the set of graphemes for your child to practise by clicking the circle to the left of a set of letters. A grapheme appears in one corner of the screen. Bubbles float across the screen with graphemes attached underneath and your child has to pop the ones which match the grapheme in the corner of the screen.


Foam Phonemes

foam phonemes

Call out a sound. Get your child to select the corresponding grapheme from the left hand side of the screen - it will be fired out of the cannon. From


Sky Writer

sky writerFrom

Select a letter your child needs to practise. Watch a plane write it using its vapour trail, getting your child to follow the trail with his/her finger on the screen, saying the sound at the same time.


Magnetic Letters

magnetic letters

A whiteboard with letters of the alphabet along the bottom. Call out a sound and get your child to click on the corresponding letter for it to appear on the whiteboard. 


Call out a sound (phoneme) and get your child to write it in the tray.

Dinosaur Swamp






Star Wars

Magical Fairy Dust

Moon Dust

Harry Potter


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