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Try the Silver Treasure Chest of teaching resources
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'I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the two sessions you've done with us at school. We have completely re-written a phonics curriculum with your help and ideas and the change we have seen in the reception children already is incredible. I actually enjoy teaching phonics now too, as opposed to dreading it each day. Thanks!!'
Teacher, Brent

‘Children are able to blend/segment much earlier than before therefore improving their reading/writing skills. Have not taught digraphs before in Reception, but this has proven to be very useful. Children’s knowledge of terminology also better.’
YR teacher, Ealing

‘Sounding/blending/segmenting – higher percentage of children are confident in these skills – particularly segmenting for writing’.
YR teacher, Ealing


‘They understand terminology well and are able to discuss strategies that they use to decode words.’
Y1 teacher, Ealing

‘Phonics is now much more interactive, children enjoy and participate fully’.
Y1 teacher, Ealing

‘Children write unknown words with more phonetically plausible attempts’.
Y1 teacher, Ealing

‘Reading and particularly writing has improved.’
Y1 teacher, Ealing

‘Feedback from teachers across Y1 and Y2 has been positive and an improvement observed in children’s abilities.’

Y1 teacher, Ealing

‘Definitely seen an improvement in LA and SEN readers. Also in independent writing generally.’
Y1 teacher, Ealing


‘Spellings have improved. Children have more confidence to sound out unknown words’.
Y2 teacher, Ealing


‘Great improvement in reading skills from EAL children and some improvement in writing too’ (after 1 term).
Y5 teacher, Ealing

Various year groups:

‘The confidence of the children I work with has improved a lot.’
TA, Ealing

‘Children show enjoyment of sessions. Games are fun and children seem enthusiastic.’
TA working in Y2, 3 & 4, Ealing

About Lesley

I am a part time Y1 class teacher and part time literacy consultant (specialising in the teaching of phonics and guided reading). I am also the phonics lecturer on the PGCE course at Brunel University. These roles combine to give me a wonderful insight into what does and doesn’t work in developing children’s phonic knowledge and skills, as well as the support and resources practitioners, student teachers and parents are looking for.

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