New guidance out today.

This month's gold treasure chest resource is a set of 15 Treasure Chest Word Sorts, each focusing on one of the graphemes from Phase 5c. These are pirate treasure chest team games to help children read words containing graphemes which can represent different sounds. There is a Smart Notebook version and a printable version.

I did my first Facebook Live a couple of weeks ago and focused on how children know whether to use a 'c' or a 'k' when they hear it at/near the beginning of a word. Following on from that I have put together a lesson plan and all the accompany resources to teach this concept to KS1 children.

Make it fun to learn to read the Phase 3 tricky words. This month's gold treasure chest resource is a set of 9 different tricky word counter games (each with 1, 2 or 3 additional new tricky word(s)). When they read a word correctly the children add a counter (spot) to the fish, snow scene, flower etc.

At Phase 5b children learn that graphemes can represent different sounds. Having learnt these, how do they know which sound to use for a grapheme when they meet an unknown word? There are some basic rules which we can share with the children to help them tackle these unknown words. I am going to be doing a series of Facebook Lives this half term, tackling one aspect of Phase 5b each week. These will take place at 7pm on a Wednesday evening, but you will be able to catch up with them later on my Facebook page.

I often have practitioners asking me how to help children who can say all the letters in a simple word, but can't blend them to read the word itself. This is generally a difficulty with oral blending (or possibly auditory memory) and requires some intervention focusing on these skills (both covered within Phase 1 of LaS).

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