Do the children you work with find it difficult to recognise capital letters?

Although not specificially mentioned in LaS, the phonics lesson would be a good time to teach capital letters for both reading and writing. I would suggest starting at Phase 3, but other practitioners may wish to start at Phase 2.

This month's gold treasure chest resource is a set of capital letter grapheme cards which can be used in various ways during the phonics lesson to help children to be able to recognise capital letters, so they can blend words containing them, as well as helping them learn how to use them for spelling.

Further Information:

  • Use the cards during the 'revisit and review' part of the phonics lesson. They can be used in the same way as flashcards. Start with the letters which are ths same shape as the lower case letters and gradually introduce the others, starting with those which are the most similar to their lower case equivalent.
  • Use the lower case grapheme cards (available in the Phase 2 and Phase 3 resources) in conjunction with the equivalent capital letter grapheme cards. Use 3 pairs and play pairs/pelmanism. This could be played in the 'revisit and review' part of the lesson or as an adult initiated activity.
  • Use within a game of 'standing words' (variation on Full Circle). Simply include names amongst the words to spell.

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