This half term's videos are all about mnemonics to help children spell tricky words and homophones. Each video will give you an idea you can use at school if you are a teacher/TA or at home if you are a parent. You can view the videos on my Facebook Page

Further Information:

There are lots of different types of mnemonics and different types suit different children. If you work in school, it's important to use a range of different types of mnemonics to suit the children's varied learning styles. If you are a parent, try to work out the type of mnemonic which works best for your child and use those (remember, this may not be the type of mnemonic which works for you!). The more we use menmonics with children, the more able they will be to try and create their own. Ultimately, the mnemonics children create themselves will probably be the the most powerful.

I know mnemonics work because when I look at my assessment sheet for the spelling of tricky words, the words which I have the most effective mnemonics for are spelled correctly by far more children than the words I do not have effective mnemonics for.

People often say to me 'It's all very well for you Lesley, you are really good at thinking of mnemonics". Actually I was one of the lucky children who could read before they started school and never had any difficulty with spelling (other than the odd word here or there). My brain has never needed mnemonics for spelling, but the children I teach do need them, so I have had to train my brain into creating them. Hopefully this series of videos will give you some insights into how you can create your own mnemonics if you too don't naturally think in this way.

The videos cover the following types of mnemonics:

  • Mnemonics involving a sentence/phrase in which the first letter of each word spells the tricky word.
  • Words which start with a tricky bit.
  • Visual mnemonics
  • Words hiding in words.
  • Singing the spelling
  • Other types of songs

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