3 Reasons Why School Staff and Parents All Need to Say Phonics Sounds Correctly With Children

6th June 2022

Are You Saying Phonics Sounds Correctly? Use this 2 minute check to find out.

6th June 2022

4 Things Which Could Help You Say Phonics Sounds Correctly

6th June 2022

Pronouncing Pairs Of Voiced & Unvoiced Sounds

8th June 2022

If you are unsure how to say the sounds, this page is for you! Click on the red button next to a grapheme to hear the sound it represents. NB: There will be regional variations in pronounciation.

Single Letters of the Alphabet

a b c d e


f g h i j


k l m n o


p r s t u


v w x y z


Other Sounds Which Are Represented By Just One Grapheme

qu sh ng


Graphemes Which Represent More Than One Sound

Click on a grapheme to hear the different sounds it can represent. The number in brackets indicates the number of common sounds that each grapheme represents. Underneath each grapheme are examples of words containing the different sounds.

th (2)
(thin, that)
a (5)
(and, acorn, glass, was, wall)
e (2)
(egg, he)
i (2)
(insect, kind)
o (3)
(top, most, month)


u (3)
(us, uniform, put)
ow (2)
(cow, low)
ie (2)
(tie, field)
ea (2)
(sea, bread)
er (2)
(her, longer)


y (4)
(yes, by, plenty, gym)
ch (2)
(chin, school)
c (2)
(cat, city)
g (2)
(get, germ)
ey (2)
(key, they)


Different Graphemes Which Represent The Same Sound

The graphemes in each line show some of the common ways of representing the same sound. Click on a line to hear the sound all those graphemes can make. Underneath each line of graphemes are examples of words they occur in.

s, ss, ce, se
(eg yes, hiss, fence, horse)
m, mb
(eg him, lamb)
c, k, ck
(eg cat, kit, duck)


r, wr
(eg red, write)
f, ff, ph
(eg fin, huff, phone)
ay, a-e, ai, a, ey
(eg day, name, rain, angel, they)


ea, e-e, ie, y, ey, ee, e
(eg sea, these, field, plenty, key, see, be)
ie, y, i-e, igh, i
(eg lie, by, like, night, kind)
oa, ow, oe, o-e, o
(eg coat, grow, toe, smoke, go)


ue, u-e, ew, oo
(eg blue, flute, blew, food)
ue, u-e, ew, u
(eg due, tube, new, unit)
oo, oul, u
(eg wood, could, put)


oy, oi
(eg boy, coin)
ar, a, al
(eg car, fast, calf)
or, aw, au, a, our, al, ore, ar
(eg for, saw, Paul, all, your, walk, more, warm)


ur, er, ir, ear, or
(eg hurt, her, girl, learn, work)
ow, ou
(eg cow, loud)
ear, ere, eer
(eg ear, here, beer)


air, ere, ear, are
(eg air, there, bear, bare)
ch, tch
(eg chin, stitch)
j, dge, ge, g
(eg jeans, badge, large, germ)


w, wh
(eg wig, when)
z, zz, ze, se
(eg zip, whizz, freeze, please)
n, kn, gn
(eg net, knee, gnat)


u, o
(eg hut, month)
v, ve
(eg vet, have)



Below is a list of common endings.NB: These are not graphemes, as they represent more than one sound.  

(eg special)
(eg station)
(eg session)
(eg picture)
(eg pleasure)
(eg vision)
(eg usual)